Thursday, August 9, 2018

smart learner
In room 2 we learnt to create a voki to critique others work now you can critique by clicking and commenting on that link

Friday, July 6, 2018

The coolest name

The coolest name

My name is like a bright big star up in space.
My name is as fast as a bolt of lightning.
My name is as dazzling as a colourful rainbow.
My name reminds me of how athletic
and energetic I am
My name reminds me how outstanding my personality is.
My name is exciting because it’s my name.
I am named after my mother.  

My name is Jayden

MY persuasive writing

I with no doubt disagree that we should have plastic bags

Opening statement:
I strongly with no hesitation disagree that we should have plastic

Did you know plastic bags kill thousands of animals each year
including sea life? For instance on tv once I saw a sad cruel sighting
it was of a whale killed. People found about 18 plastic bags sad in
it’s poor tommy sad right.
And also did you know plastic bags are not biodegradable this
means they never leave they will be in sight for about one thousand
years.That's more than about 6 human life times.  Oh also plastic bags not
only harms animals it harms the food chain in marine seas.

Before plastic bags end up in beaches or marine reserves they first
affect our environment. If you live in farms or always go to town
you’ll understand. You should see plastic bags rolling across the
ground like a apocalyptic tumbleweed or in street trees just trying to
lurk it’s way out. Plastic bags disrupt mother nature in a bag way
they end up in soil and slowly but shorley release toxic chemicals.
They will eventually break down then that will lead to animals
eating it and slowly choking leading to DEATH.

I know that plastic bags are useful for holding stuff but when you
think of it plastic bags are like thin paper has no muscle whatsoever
there useless. For instance in the supermarket people got plastic bags
but then as soon as they held it by the handle it broke in an instance
useless right. Another example in antarctica when the ice melted
they found inconclusive amounts of little tiny useless plastic bags
but they were in little pieces., they were probably there for years
that's why they are broken down or fish and stuff gobbled it down
and DIED.

I hope you learned a few things and maybe have changed your mind
about plastic bags.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Pepeha 2018

 This is the video if you want to check it out.
Pennywise part 2

One day there was a little boy named George. He was playing outside
on a soaking wet day with his paper boat. The wind was so strong
and wet it pulled his paper boat into a sewer. After that he met a
scary clown called pennywise in the sewer. Wait a clown it the
sewer wow now that's crazy. Well whatever I’m not aloud to talk to
strangers well my name pennywise the dancing clown. Wait a
dancing clown in the sewer what next the joker. Well it’s made up.
Oh yeah carry on. What are you doing in the sewer well the storm
blew me away the hole circus away. Can you smell the circus George.
Well he obviously can’t because the storm blew the circus away.

Back to the story ok so george heard penny say I have an xbox but
george ran yelling out I have a ps4 so george lived happily ever
after until he got ran over by a big truck

Friday, June 8, 2018

introducing me

My name is  Jayden and this is a little bit about me